SUstainable and PERsuasive Human Users moBility in future cities (SuperHub)


Travel planner with transportation recommender based on user preferences, weather, traffic conditions, and points of interest.


The travel planner is multimodal and takes into account different aspects of context in order to be able to recommend the best combination of means of transportation. The project takes into account sustainability and the environment so that it encourages users to make the best combinations for the environment for each case.

 Technical description

Data sources: Telecoms CDR, tweets, transport operators, traffic control center.

Main technologies used: NLP, anomaly detection, context-based recommendations.

 Results and benefits

Mobile application for recommending optimal routes taking into account different factors.

 Entities and companies

GFI, Diesis, Eurecat, UPC, Aj BCN, ATM, Etra, Helsingin Yliopisto, Fondazione Legambiente, Vodafone Italia.

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