Missionand Vision

The Catalonia AI DIH mission is to bring the widespread range of AI-based technologies to the reach of the Catalan companies, to increase their business potential and competitiveness.  The DIH support will particularly target SMEs and Mid-cap enterprises in the region, as usually this segment has higher entry barriers. The Catalonia AI DIH will work very closely with the Catalan Administration, to help them also adopt AI technologies internally and to jointly build a strong AI community of solution providers and adopters. 

The Catalonia AI DIH wants to become the regional technology transfer reference in AI and data exploitation domains for the key regional economic sectors in Catalonia and a valuable partner within the European DIH IA network.  To do so it will focus on:   

Fostering adoption and demonstrating the benefits for business of IA technologies and solutions.  

Promoting and disseminating the existing R&D+I developments and results to the enterprises.  

Creating a dynamic ecosystem of enterprises, RTOs, Universities and entrepreneurship throughout the region.  

Leveraging international networking opportunities to promote cross-border cooperation both, in terms of new business opportunities and collaborative R&D.  

Value proposition

The DIH is a tool:

To generate, deliver and transfer AI-based innovation to key sectors of the Catalan economy

To promote and deliver to enterprises applied research and innovation-based solutions

To create a dynamic community across the country

To position the Catalan AI ecosystem as an international reference

To accelerate AI adoption by enterprises by offering a wide range of added value services and specific differential solutions, aimed at lowering entry barriers and deliver fast results



Development of Applied Technologies related to AI disciplines:

Autonomous & Cognitive Systems 

Decision Support Systems 

New and Enhanced Algorithms : Deep Learning, Reinforced Learning, Edge computing 

Computer vision 

Novel Data Management & Processing platforms 

Data Integration & Exploration


  • Hybrid (CPU & GPU) computing capabilities 

  • HPC 

  • Labs (IoT, IT Security, Robotics)

Ecosystem and Dissemination:

  • Creation of communities  

  • Engagement though enterprise networks 

  • Enterprise Coaching and Mentoring 

  • Technological specialised in-company training 

  • Technical and business oriented events 

  • International networking

Business and financing:

  • Access to public funding 

  • Project Co-investment for SMEs, based on innovation and risk  

  • Digital training 

  • Digital transformation and roadmaping


Institutional Partners

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