The 8 Best Headphone Stand - Complete Reviews

Ms.Elna Gleason
  Dec 4, 2022 8:56 AM

Along with the development of advanced headphone lines, headphone mounts have also become diverse and rich. So what is the use of the headphone mount, and what types and which line of headphone mounts dominate the market? Let's find out together!

A professional workspace is, first and foremost, a neat workspace. Imagine a giant headset placed right on the desk that takes up much space, taking the place of other items and making the desk messy.

So, a lovely little headphone stand helps us specify a suitable place for headphones, saves space, and creates aesthetics with a design that shows your style. Right below are the best headphone stands in 2022, you can have a quick reference before learning the details of each type.

best headphone stand

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Best Headphone Stand Reviews

#1. Razer Base Station V2 Chroma

Razer is well-known for its stylish wireless gaming headsets like the Kraken and Blackshark. As a company founded by gamers, it's no surprise that they stock some of the best gaming accessories, including the Razer Base Station V2 Chroma.

Important Specifications:

  • Special Feature: Chroma RGB

  • Brand: Razer

  • Included Components: Base Station

  • Style: V2

  • Series Base Station V2 Chroma

Product’s Highlights:

While this headphone stand was designed primarily for gaming, it also includes some of the most useful functions for any reason.

This free-standing headphones hanger quickly takes the top rank because of its solid aluminum design, which can handle headsets with a headband diameter of 50mm.

It also has a low center of mass, which prevents the stand from shifting or tumbling over. A non-slip rubber pad is also included in the base for increased stability. If you want to load it in your backpack and move it to a new location, you can also disconnect the bottom for easy transportability.

The best part is that this hanger can also be used as a charging station. It has two USB 3.1 SuperSpeed connections and a single 3.5mm combination port with built-in DAC, allowing you to connect various devices to it.

Its built-in DAC offers a 7.1 surround sound function to your headphones, giving you a more immersive audio experience while playing FPS games.

#2. Avantree Universal Wooden & Aluminum Headphone Stand

Thanks to its ergonomic ready design that incorporates a cable holder, the Avantree TR902 is a solid runner-up to our excellent overall pick. It's a good option for anyone searching for a simple and economic stand that doesn't skimp on the quality of construction or aesthetics.

Important Specifications:

  • Brand: Avantree

  • Compatible Devices: Headphones

  • Recommended Uses For Product: Fits most headphones with a headband width within 1.97inch/5cm and device height within 12inch/30.5cm

  • Special Feature: 12inch Height, with Cable Holder, Super Sturdy

  • Color: Stand

Product’s Highlights:

It's a universal headphone stand that can fit any headset with a maximum forehead width of 50mm. It can also accept huge headsets from major headphones brands, including audiophiles and casuals, thanks to its 305mm height.

The bowl-shaped cable holder may also contain a few jack pins, connections, and even your glasses to keep your desk orderly. Furthermore, the hanger's headband slot prevents your headphones from shifting and sliding off.

This stand is constructed from a hardwood (base and hanger) blend and increased aluminum alloy (stem) for added stability.

The hardwood hanger has a smooth finish that won't scratch your headphones, while the wooden base provides a secure foundation for holding your headphones.

Remember that while the headband hole is valuable and attractive, the lack of padding in the wooden hanger can produce indentations or wrinkles on heavy headphones.

#3. Headphone Stand, Desktop Headset Holder

Because of its low price, the Lamicall H1 Headphone Stand earns our best budget place. It's a stand-alone headset hanger that can hold practically any type of headset. When it comes to design, it has an exquisite but sleek profile that allows it to rest on your desk and seem aesthetically pleasing.

Important Speicifcations:

  • Compatible Devices: AirPods Max, Sennheiser 202 II HD598 HD 650 HD700, Beats Solo 2 3 Pro/ Studio, etc.

  • Brand: Lamicall

  • Included Components: Headphone Stand

  • Color: Black

  • Connectivity Technology: Wired

Product’s Highlights:

The stand comprises a combination of aluminum alloy (pole) for added rigidity and high-quality ABS plastic (base and hanger) to keep it light.

The plastic, saddle-like headphones hanger with a curved form that protects the sponge of the headphones is its main feature. The saddle is also stitched with high-precision thread to keep the headphones from shifting.

Unlike the Avantree TR902 and the Razer Core Network V2 Chroma, which have a 50mm headband width limit, it can take headphones with a maximum headband width of 68mm.

The 304mm aluminum pole has a low center of mass, which helps keep the headphones sturdy on the stand. Finally, the frame has a weighted pro-government base for maximum stability.

While this stand has a weighted, non-slip base, it is prone to falling, especially when supporting hefty headphones weighing more than 0.75 pounds.

#4. Meze Audio Headphone couch

Trying to move away from individual hangers, the Meze Audio Headphones Couch takes top honors for its unusual design. It features a large, cushioned surface on which your headphones can rest comfortably.

Important Specifications:

  • Brand MEZE AUDIO

  • Compatible Devices Headphones

  • Special Feature Foldable

  • Mounting Type Foldable

  • Material Leather

Product’s Highlights:

Damages like dents and scratches are prevented at every point of interaction on your headphone, including the headpiece and ear cushioning. Unlike arch-shaped stands, which can impact the padding or clamping force, this living room sofa design helps to avoid unwanted damage to your headphones.

This unit is composed of soft vegan leather, which gives a nice cushion for your headphones to relax on, adding to its attractiveness. In addition, the black hue goes with practically any existing decor in your office.

Not to mention, the base has additional cushioning to avoid scratching your desk. This stand is ready to use right out of the box. Furthermore, the foldable shape allows you to put it in your drawer when not in use quickly.

#5. Brainwavz Hengja - The Desk Headphone Stand

Our most space-saving pick is the Brainwavz Hengja; this clamp hanger keeps your headphones from cluttering your workspace. It's simple to attach to your desk with the included screws, and you can modify the size to match different thicknesses of desks.

Important Specifications:


  • Compatible Devices Headphones

  • Recommended Uses For Product Desk

  • Special Feature Desk hanger

  • Color Black

Product’s Highlights:

It boasts a lightweight profile that can carry hefty headphones before breaking or bending and all-metal construction.

This desk clamp hanger includes screws to quickly attach it to your desk without the clutter that comes with glue or adhesive tape. In addition, it's made to fit headphones with a maximal headband width of 50 mm.

Furthermore, the clamp is rotatable (using an Allen essential tool) and can be attached to either a vertical or lateral surface.

In addition, the clamp can be adjusted in either top or bottom mode. The clamp can be expanded to fit surfaces with thicknesses ranging from 14 to 40 mm.

Unfortunately, there isn't a catch on the hanger to keep the headphone from slipping out if you knock them over. As a result, ensure they're kept in a secure location where they won't be subject to physical contact.

#6. ASUS ROG Throne Qi Gaming Headset Stand

Our 'Best for Gaming' pick is the ASUS ROG Throne, which has many features that make it ideal for a gaming setup. The advanced programmable RGB lighting that boosts your gaming setup is one of them.

Important Specifications:

  • Special Feature Lightweight

  • Brand Asus

  • Included Components ROG Throne Qi Gaming Headset Stand

  • Style Stand

  • Model Name ROG Throne Qi

Product's Highlights:

In addition to six preset lighting effects, the Asus Aura Sync RGB lighting system offers an infinite color gamut. Compatible equipment, such as PCs or headphones, can also be used to sync the lighting effects.

This free-standing hanger is ABS and PC plastic and has an anti-slip rubber pad base for further stability. Headphones with a maximum headband width of 50mm can be hung on the hanger.

Best of all, this stand has wireless Qi charging for compatible smartphones. To get up to 10 watts of fast charging power, place the device on the ROG logo on the platform. An LED indicator also displays the charging state on the base.

A 3.5 mm jack and a dual-port USB 3.1 hub are also featured on the base to allow you to connect your headphones straight to the stand. It also includes a built-in ESS 9118 DAC/amp and Armoury II software to help you improve your audio experience.

#7. Headphone Stand with 15w Wireless Charger

One of the most extraordinary stands for holding iPhones and iPads is the Suguder 4-in-1 Headset Holder. This 4-in-1 free-standing hanger can have your iPhone, Apple Watch, Airpods charging case, iPhone, and even your Airpods Max.

Important Specifications:

  • Connector Type USB Type C

  • Brand Suguder

  • Wattage 3 watts

  • Input Voltage 9 Volts (AC)

  • Color Black

  • Power Source Corded Electric

Product’s highlights:

This item includes a wireless charging station with three built-in chips for charging Qi-enabled devices. So you can set your watch, Airpods, or even your phone with it. A Type C port is also included for charging your AirPods Max.

Wireless charging works well with non-metal cases less than 8mm thick. You'll also need an 18W or 24W fast-charging adaptor when charging four devices at once.

When you're not using your headphones, you can detach the base and use it as a power outlet for other devices. Heat dissipation holes in the base help avoid overheating, and if the ground overheats, the battery charger will turn off immediately.

#8. Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand

The Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand is a practical 3-in-1 design that holds your headphones while supporting your wired mouse.

A wired mouse is still a popular choice, particularly among gamers, because it is inexpensive and provides a reliable connection with low input lag for the most significant gaming experience.

Important Specifications:

  • Color Black

  • Material Plastic

  • Brand Tilted Nation

  • Item Weight 1.23 Pounds

Product’s Highlights:

The built-in mouse cord holder keeps your mouse free of tangles and drags, allowing you to move it around as if it were wireless. The mouse cable holder is also detachable, allowing you to keep your wired mouse in its original cable range.

It also comes with a 2-port USB 3.0 hub for connecting and charging your gaming peripherals.

It contains RGB lighting that allows you to cycle through seven distinct colors, and it's designed to offer an exquisite touch to your gaming area. A touch sensor is used to turn on the lights.

This stand is also built to last with an ABS and PC plastic construction and a weighted metal base. For added stability, the ground has non-slip grip pads. The unit can support most headphones with a maximal headband width of 50mm.


#1. Is it worthwhile to invest in a headphone stand?

This is precisely what a headphone stand can accomplish. It gives you a spot to rest your headphones away from your desk's workstation, and it looks lovely and professional, making you feel like a professional who is going to get some serious work done.

#2. Is it necessary to have a headset stand?

In general, headphone stands are suitable for organizing and protecting your headphone collection. However, they do not affect the headphone or your listening to them. Also, consider going to your local hardware or lumber store.

#3. As a headphone holder, what can I do?

A copper pipe, a ruler, needle, pliers, metal saw, excavators, screws, copper driller, and vice can be used to construct your headphone holders, which cost around $10. Another way you're squeezing the aluminum metal into shape with equipment like pliers.

Final Thoughts

With helpful information about the headphone stand, an essential friend to the workspace, we hope that we can help you find a suitable and convenient headphone stand for yourself.

So with this article, our article has suggested the eight best headphone stands in 2022. Hagibis' headphone stand is also a popular choice for many people because it integrates many beautiful designs and many functions.

What kind of headphone mount are you using? What is your selection experience? Good Review would love to hear from you!