Access to the training offer in Big Data

Below you can consult the training offer of Masters and Postgraduates in Big Data from various universities in Catalonia . In the details of each one you will find the  categorization of the training taking into account the main areas of application  to guide the students in determining which training to carry out:

Analytical Models and Statistics

Advanced models and techniques for information analysis are presented to solve specific business cases.

Big Data application in business

It enhances students' careers in specific areas of organizations by incorporating the use of Big Data and the skills needed for data analysis and decision making. It also incorporates those courses where special emphasis is placed on the management of technologies within the organization.

BI & Big Data architectures and tools

Specific Business Analytics tools are presented. Training with a high technological component that incorporates practices of using BI and Big Data technologies.

* For each Master's and Postgraduate degree, the level of depth that each dimension has in the contents of the course is shown, based on the number of credits dedicated to each of the dimensions with respect to the total

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